Story Behind the Name

Why are we named Violet Heart Studios?

There are many flowers that represent qualities of our Blessed Mother. The violet in particular represents Mary's humility and her yes to God.

Mary's Immaculate Heart has also been a major inspiration for the shop. The combination of the violet and Mary's Immaculate Heart inspired the name Violet Heart Studios, representing Mary's humble heart.

It is our prayer that we can look to Mary for this example of humility and love.

Derek + Hannah

It all starts when Hannah and Derek found each other on CatholicMatch. Despite the distance between them, they bonded over their shared love for projects and devotion to God. To ease the difficulty of long distance relationships, they started working on joint projects, pouring their hearts and souls into each creation.

As their love grew stronger, Hannah shared her lifelong dream of opening her own business. Derek, who had an engineering and technology background, urged her to pursue her passion and helped her figure out the technical aspects of opening a shop. Together, they poured their time and energy into building a business that would allow them to share their love of art and faith with others.

After much hard work and dedication, their dream finally came to fruition. They opened up Violet Heart Studios at the beginning of 2021. They continued to pour their hearts and souls into every piece.

In January 2023, Hannah and Derek exchanged their vows and got married. They began their journey of their God-given vocation.

As husband and wife, they continue pursuing their passion of sharing God's truth, beauty, and goodness with the world. And so, their story continues, as they work together to spread love and inspiration to others through Violet Heart Studios.